PROJECT TIMETABLE - 1st version (by the application form)

PROJECT TIMETABLE - 2nd version (updated)

M1 - Transnational Project Meeting in Italy, 2016/12.
M2 - Transnational Project Meeting in Latvia, 2019/04.
A1 - Creating and updating project's webpage.
A2 - Sharing good experience.
A3 - Production of Video films.
A4 - Production of Video interviews (with the employers).
A5 - Production of Video interviews (with the school graduaters).
A6 - Seminars and/or brainstorming for students and/or parents.
A7 - Surveys for students (40-100 in each school).
A8 - On-line course "Career Education and guidance in the context of European Single Market".
A9 - Surveys about feedback.
A10 - Implementation activities.
A11 - Dissemination of the results.
A12 - Communication using ICT.
A13 - Project participants group in Facebook.

Learning/Teaching/Training Activities:

C1 - Short-tern joint staff training event - Ventspils, Latvia, 2017/04.
C3 - Blended mobility of school learners - Sarayonu/Konya, Turkey, 2018/04.
C4 - Short-term joint staff training event - Caracal, Romania, 2017/10.
C5 - Short-term joint staff training event - Taurage, Lithuania, 2018/10.