The Institute I.P.S.S.E.O.A. “U. Di Pasca” is a high school which aims to train students for Professional services, for food and wine services and hospitality.
For over forty years our institute has provided to form students from the city OF Potenza, and the province.
Our Institute try to contribute to professional training and to advance tourism sector, hotel and restaurant services of Basilicata.
We try to realize Cultural Students' Growth and to improve professional students’ level. Our goal is make our students competitive at national and international level.

However, our teachers aim to the quality of students training, also for students with special needs. Special attention is reserved, as the matter of fact, for integration and inclusion of pupils with special needs. the workshop activities are very important for us especially which ones realized with the support of our Region.
Our curriculum is divided into two parts.
The first is a two-year period which aims to achieve the specific skills of these two years common to the other institutions. However, they also begin to study in specific laboratory.
Time is flexible and personalized.
The second part of the route is made of three years during which the aim is to reach work competences and to begin to work with the alternating training.
Didactic flexibility is the best tool for us.
To ensure students’ passage from school to work we organize internships and workshops, certificating them.
The relationship with the Region has particular significance, including the voluntary and private social services.
In our school there are three different specializations:

  • Food and wine: the student is able to exploit, produce, process, preserve and present the wine and food products and to work by promoting them trying to make particular attention to our tradition.
  • Room and sales: the student is able to perform and manage, and produce organize sale of gourmet products and services.
  • Hotel hospitality: the student has specific competence on technical, economic and legislation for the reception of tourist and hotel.

The IPSSEOA has joined to many European projects: Leonardo, Erasmus and Erasmus plus and many initiatives financed by the European Structural Funds (PON-FERS).
For many years it carries out projects against school dropouts, financed with contributions from the Ministry of Education.
Our school is at the forefront with regard to integration and inclusion of pupils with mental and physical disabilities.
Our students take part each year in numerous initiatives and events outside the school, such as contests, culinary demonstrations and trÿni靀ل workshops at gastronomic and tourist industry companies


Barman - mixology
Hotel hospitality
Erasmus 2016
Room and sales - events
First transnational meeting in potenza 15-19 december, 2016

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