Ventspils secondary school Nr. 6

Ventspils secondary school Nr. 6 is one of the ten authorities located in the centre of Ventspils. The school was established in 1983 and the staff of 58 professionally experienced teachers is quite stable for a 35 years long period. Ventspils secondary school Nr. 6 is supported by local Municipality department and ensures basic or secondary education for 680 students of different ages from 7 to 35 years old. The national structure of students is multiculturally diverse: Latvians, Russians, Ukrainians, Belorussians, Polish, Lithuanians and some Roma people are studied at this school. The authority 37 classes mostly consist of 25 to 30 students. From 2017, based on Ventspils Municipality decision, two secondary schools like Nr. 6 and evening school were successfully combined together.

Education at school:

Ventspils secondary school Nr. 6 is a dynamic modern comprehensive institution encouraging all students to develop 21st century skills of critical thinking, collaboration, digital literacy, creativity and communication. Despite of their students abilities, knowledge levels at different subjects, social background, health status, studying results every student is mentioned, important and with great pleasure involved in the school’s daily life. Ventspils secondary school’s Nr. 6 motto – It is modern to be smart! The school’s main purpose - qualitative, supportive learning process focused on developing each student's skills, developing attitudes (creative, knowledgeable, enterprising, co-responsible), application of knowledge and new creation. Ventspils secondary school Nr. 6 proposes 10 education programs with both Latvian and Russian language of instruction in forms of full time studies, part-time studies, and distance learning (e-learning), two of the programs realized at primary school level are done for students with mental health disturbances. The authority is opened during the whole working day (8 a.m.-8 p.m.) and learning process in the school is organized in various shifts: morning and midafternoon for students of full program studies at primary, basic and secondary levels, but evenings – for part-time and distance program students of secondary evening school.
The biggest innovation at school for last two years is creating the special teaching teams consist of working teachers in one class in case of helping and supporting students who decided to leave school earlier. These teaching groups are working monthly for analizing the previous activities and planning the nearest future.
The quality of school’s work is evaluated in the accreditation process according to methodology developed by the World Bank. To get to know opinions about school development from students, parents, surveys are made regularly. At this moment the tool for feedback used in the school is the system for electronic surveys – Edurio.

School traditions:

To develop the sense of belonging to their school, to increase motivation of studies and to promote interest about cultural exchange, different educational activities about life skills, career, civil society, health care and other interesting themes are proposed for all students such as: Knowledge Day, Father's day, Poetry days, School Birthday, Proclamation of the Republic of Latvia, Martin relay, Volunteering, Talent contest, Christmas events, First grade feast, Maslenica, Rhythmic day, Thanksgiving day, Sports day, Chips evening, Last bell and Graduation parties.


10 form students confirmation holiday
Latvia’s Proclamation Day
School’s birthday
Frisbee competitions between Ventspils schools
Euroschool project, France

Project experience last three years:

2014 – Euroscola project, visiting European Parlament in Strasbourg, France.
2015 – International Village, Slovakia.
2016 - Cultural exchange "ITALY-LATVIA”, Cagnano Varano.

School’s address:

Ventspils 6.vidusskola
Sarkanmuižas dambis, 1
tel. +371 63621586, fax: +371 63630444