Tauragė Adult Training Centre is the only adult general education school in the town. Centre’s mission is to provide primary, basic and secondary education for adults, to overcome the gaps in education, to strengthen the confidence of their own efforts to institutionalize in society, to carry out non-formal education, to meet the needs of adult cognitive, self-expression, self-actualization needs. The Tauragė District Municipal Council is a founder of Tauragė Adult Training Centre. School address: Laisvės 19 st., LT-72261 Tauragė. Email: smctaurage@gmail.com . Tel.: 8 446 56006. History of adult education in Tauragė is a long, unsettled educational path to the Adult Training Centre as a separate legal educational institution. Archival records show that adult education has been held in Tauragė since 1949. In 1998, Adult Secondary School was transformed into the adult classes and transferred to Tauragė Žalgiriai Secondary School. The teachers for the first time joined the international project in school year 1989-1999. The team of teachers and school leaders from Adult education classes participated in the PHARE / TACIS CBS project “Fundamentals of andragogy and the development of adult education centres in ten counties of Lithuania". The project involved only one adult school from each county. Participants visited Denmark. They were acquainted with the country's adult education, Grundtvig program, the lifelong learning strategy. Thanks to the dissemination of this project, a rapid transformation of adult learning across the country soon started. Adult teachers became known as andragogues. Although, this term is not widely used in the society.

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Since 2003, Adult classes have been provided with the name of Training Centre. The headmaster of Žalgiriai secondary school Arimantas Šerlinskis led this Centre. A Deputy Director Danutė Guralnikova was responsible for organizing adult education in this school. In 2009, the Centre moved to Tauragė Jovarai basic school premises, where it is its head office now. The school has its own classrooms and uses premises of Jovarai basic school, such as a library, gym, Event Hall and some classrooms. Since 2012, the school headmistress Ona Sturonienė has started to lead the Centre. She has taken the initiative in order to renovate the classrooms. A school community has updated school space and created more pleasant environment.
The Centre celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2013. Former teachers, students and other distinguished guests were invited to the celebration. In the same year, there was an accredited secondary curriculum. The Centre has gained the status of gymnasium. The school started implementation of distance learning using Moodle environment in 2014. In order to solve the problems of attendance, the Centre’s teachers began to upload their subject material into the Moodle environment and to provide remote consultations for students who cannot attend lessons because of work or family reasons. Initially, remote consultations were provided only for students studying in part-time classes, recently for all eleventh and twelfth grade students, who study at distance classes and have access to the Internet.
The Centre seeks to communicate and cooperate with the local community in order to become a centre of attraction. The Centre’s relations with the social partners are sufficiently focused. It brings positive results for the whole community and helps to develop, implement educational innovations. The Centre concluded cooperation agreements with Tauragė Jovarai basic school, Akmenė, Šilutė, Šiauliai, Kėdainiai, Kretinga, Latvia‘s Venspils the same kind of educational institutions. Tauragė Adult Training Centre maintains significant contacts with Lithuania distance and e-learning (LieDM) Association, which provided access to virtual Moodle learning platform. On issues focused on vocational education, the school cooperates with Tauragė Local Labour Exchange, Kaunas college Tauragė department.
Tauragė Adult Training Centre is actively involved in the international projects. We successfully implemented Comenius project ”ICT- the safest investment in my future” in 2009. The project involved six schools from Greece, Bulgaria, Austria, Latvia, Lithuania and Germany. Students learned to present their dream professions in English. Communication with the project partners took place in video conferencing via “Skype” program. The project led to the development of the school website. Twelfth grade student Darius Jakaitis has created a logo of the Centre and a school website. It presented information about school history, community, events, projects and other activities associated with the centre. This site was operated for seven years. Public purchase was made and the school website creation was entrusted to professionals in 2016.
In 2014, the Centre joined Erasmus+ project ’’The town as a friendly space for developing entrepreneurship and creativity’’. It is like a continuation of the former Comenius project. The students presented a new project to gymnasium community online, learned how to take pictures, to make films and to present to the project participants their school community, hometown, famous people, local business. All information about this project you can find on Centre website: www.smc.taurage.lm.lt and project website: www.10town.eu. An attractive and creative school is always trying to find some new methods and forms of learning in order to reduce the dropout students. In 2016 our school started a new project ‘‘ICT – for minimizing dropout“.
People over 18 years can enrol to the Centre, if they provided the necessary documents. In exceptional cases, upon Tauragė District Municipality Director's consent, under 18 years students are accepted. Students aged 15 - 47 years study in the Centre. They have varying level of experience, knowledge, abilities and needs, who of a certain moment of their life stopped learning at other educational institutions. Students’ average age is 25 years. About fifty percent of the students are working. About 45 percent of the students are married. About thirty percent of the students have children under seven years. Tauragė Adult Training Centre has 23 teachers, of whom only three men. The headmistress of the Centre, the Deputy Director and three teachers work full time. The youngest teacher is 30 years old; the oldest is 63 years old. Teachers’ average age is 50 years.
Personal development is realized via formal education, organized events at the Centre. There are traditional annual celebrations: 1st September, Adult Education Week, Advent afternoon for students’ children, A Hundred days feast, The Last Bell holiday, School-leaving party. The Centre also mentions public holidays: February 16, March 11. The students each year participate in the civil campaign to commemorate the Day of the Defenders of Freedom – January 13. On that day, they lit candles in school's windows - symbols of unity and memory.
There is the Centre Student Council - Student self-governance body representing the interests of the students of the school. The Council brings together school students, solves all problems related with school activities.