“Matei Basarab” Technical College is a TVET (Technical Vocational Education and Training) high school located in southwest region of Romania in the city of Caracal.
The College was established in 1973 and has experienced a rapid and dynamic development. Each year the number of teachers, engineers, foremen, and students has increased and the curricula has been continually adapted and upgraded according to labor market needs and/or revised to align with new discoveries in science and technology. In 2016-2017 school year, there are 1.352 students enrolled in different specializations with 91 specialized teaching staff. At the present time, our school offers a variety of specializations in the following fields: mechanics, electrics, economics, tourism and food industry, and aesthetics and human body hygiene. Furthermore, „Matei Basarab“ Technical College is one of the largest TVET schools in Olt county based on the number of students enrolled each year; with an average of over 1300 students for the last five years.

The College mission is focused on promoting quality education which is open and flexible to meet the needs of diverse students. Its staff encourages collaboration between local, regional and national stakeholders in order to offer students relevant training adapted to labor market demands in the region and across Romania.
The teaching staff at the College are committed to the following values for effectively serving its students:

  • Quality
  • Service
  • Openness
  • Equity
  • Innovation
  • Practical-real world knowledge and skills

From 2012-2014, the College implemented an European Project under the Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation action entitled YESdigital that focused on addressing the problem of low student motivation and increasing the practical value of the education offered. During the implementation of this project, our teachers and students implemented new pedagogical approaches which were related to the use of Problem Based Learning (PBL) for solving real, practical problems. Students were engaged using PBL, using different online tools such as Google applications,and videos for teaching and learning. Indeed, because student dropout is such a complex problem which does not have a magical solution, our school is open to collaboration across Europe in order to share good practices and to help students continue their education rather than droping out of school. Similar to many rural communities, everyday survival comes before education because families must work together to sustain the family home with limited resources. Education is simply not considered a priority for many parents and/or students. Our school and its staff are committed to changing this and ensuring more students attend and graduate from our College.
„Matei Basarab“ Technical College embraces this opportunity to be a full partner in the „ICT for Minimizing Dropout“ Erasmus+ Project to effectively address the dropout problem of our students and help them become succesful and active Romanian and European citizens.


Computer lab
Students presenting their virtual company
Students from Tourism and Gastronomy field
Hairdressing studio – Students from Aesthetics and human body hygiene field
Workshop garments

Project Consultant:

Dr. Don Olcott, Jr., professor of educational leadership, has agreed to serve as project-English consultant at no cost to the project. Professor Olcott has 35 years of experience in education and technology and currently is Professor of Educational Leadership and Open and Distance Learning at Oldenburg University (Germany) and the University of Maryland University College (U.S.). He resides in Craiova, Romania.